In the 3rd Indiana Jones movie, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, they came upon a tomb with an acient knight guarding the Holy Grail among many false grails.  His quote for locating the correct grail "Choose Wisely".

The same should be said for choosing a real estate agent.  There are plenty out there.  but like any professional, you should look for the skill and track record.  This selection is a member of your team, to do a job and do it right. 

Traci Nicodemus came to my attention after listing my home with an inexperienced agent for 3 months with only 6 showings.  Traci's skills and ambitions brought 6 showings to my home in the first 10 days and sold in the first month.  She didn't stop there, you can't get rid of her that easy.  Traci proceeded to arrange and explain the entire process of the sale and stayed with us every step of the way.  This is one agent that really has her heart and soul in her work.  She treats you like family, the good side that is.  The best asset of this agent is she does not know all the answers.  No one does.  But she knows where to look. 

I wish I found her 3 months earlier.  Don't make the same mistake I did and look for a bargain.  You get what you pay for Traci is worth more than your time or money can afford. 


1416 Chinaberry